How to Overcome and Win Fear - Types of Fear

There are many things that may result to fear, it could be as a result of the bad environment which one may find himself. Meanwhile, in the subsequent outline we will be taking a look at the different types of Fear as well as How to Overcome Fear. However, fear is what come as a result of one challenge which one may be facing.

Consecutively, we have witness and heard series of persons who commited suicide, this is actually an example of what could bring about fear as well as frustration. There has its own full meaning, it will be seen below as we dive fully. Keep reading..
How to Overcome and Win Fear

How to Overcome Fear in Our Daily Activities

Before we look at how to Overcome and win fear let's see the meaning and types of fear.

Full Meaning of FEAR 

F - False
E- Evidence 
A- Appearing 
R- Real

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         Types of fear

The following are the different types of fear that one may be going through as a result of o e profession or activity.

1. Academic Fear

The kind of fear is arouse by the mindset that you may probably fail in an examination, in an institution one may have such fail saying that he may fail a very difficult course which had been written. Most times when the result comes out you may see a different thing. Academic fear could also lead to what is known as exam fever.

Therefore, every student should try as much as possible to avoid any form of fear. One may be withdrawn from schools as a result of the inability to pay your school fees. This could be avoided through some tackties which will be seen in the subsequent subheading.

2. Marital Fear

Many could be afraid simply because they haven find their suitor. Marriage is an institution which is designed by God for man and woman to become one. Probably, you as a lady never see any man to approach you for any conversion which could lead to marriage, all you now do is to be afraid or commit suicide, that is actually wrong big time.

Therefore at this point the only solution is to ensure you dress neatly and avoid bad odor and wear good clothes. By this you are trying to avoid the so called fear.

3. Financial Fear

This is the most popular kind of fear that one may be having. Money at hand can do many things for you but when you don't have such money be it for school fees, for business, for house rent for food, clothing e .t.c. One will become so worried and confused in such kind of suition.
Most times, what will come to mind is where to borrow, but when there is no one to borrow from at that point what then will be your reactions. Hence, you know How to Win and Over come Fear.

4. Spiritual Fear 
Before one will have any form of spiritual fear you must be able to know who your enemies are. Haven known them, you then will try to fight while fighting there are still some traces of fear that such enemies may be planing to kill you and charm you.

Moreover, while the beef is going on you will be afraid that your enemies may successful harm you. Meanwhile, any form of sickness that fell on you may bring about fear that it is a spiritual problem but reverse may be the case. Although there are ways to avoid fear.

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How to Overcome and Win fear successful.

Here are the right ways to overcome fear below.

1. Trust in the Lord
When you put your trust on God you must surely succeed and you must definitely over lcome such kind of fear and you will have an helper who will be as your God at that point in time.

2. Be commited to God
It all depend on the kind of challenge which one may seem to passing through as listed above the kind of fear. Now one ought to be faithful to God in terms of rendering your service to God.

3. Have an Alter I.e quiet time 
Prayer means talking to God. When you make out time to make your prayers known to God you are doing your self good simply because it the end of it all your are becoming happy and all be definite ly be well with you in time to come. The bible says draw onto me and I will draw myself onto you.

4. Be humble to the Lord
A proud man can not go places. But when you bring yourself to the right track all will be
Deffinitly be well with you and he will bring your helper your way. Humillty has to do with the lowliness of mind and the right spirit.

5. Embrace your Bible 
Read your bible regularly and back it up with your problems and by so doing we believe you are on your way to your success. The scripture is actually a tool to bring down such fear and you are good to go.

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