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It may be so burdensome to Ceate a Blog but at the end of it all your Blog isn't getting the Website Speed needed in your blog. Well it only take one who is deligent and consistent in terms of Keyword and SEO optimisation. Therefore, one need to get the Ways to Boost Blog Speed without any further obstruction.
Similarly, with the aid of some key point in Blog Speed  one should be conversant with the following ways to Boost Website Speed and Increase your Traffic.

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How to Boost Your Website Speed and Increase Traffic Respectively

Boost Website Speed

The following are the things you can do to boost your Blog Speed;

1. Get a Unique hosting Plan 

It has been notes that presently it has been observed that some new bloggers choose the cheapest domain as their option as their web hosting service. This is often enough in the beginning, but you will likely need to upgrade your plan once you start getting more traffic on your site. That is just the truth.

I like given an illustration when. It comes to blogging. Getting a cheap host will be so cool at first but as time goes on when you start getting traffic it will be nice you increase your traffic by paying for a higher domain irrespective of the location

2. Reduce HTTP Request  Received

It is important to note that there is an HTTP request for Yahoo, Bing, etc which means the more the on-page components are, the longer it will take for the page to respond.

One of the ways to reduce HTTP requests is to find out the number of visitors into your site.
Therefore, one should make use o the Google Chrome’s Developer Tools to see the number of HTTP requests your site makes.

Finally, to see the analytics of a page all you need to do is to take your cousor then 'right-click ‘inspect’ afterwards ‘Network’ tab. Hence, you Website will be Boost.. You are good to go
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3. Disable Javascript From Loading 

When you disable the javascript from loading it will be nice you also stop other files from loading. But all other files has loaded then all the other elements can also load.
 If you defer files like JavaScript, you will ensure that the rest of your content can now load without any delay.
Deferring means ensure you stop files from loading. Then Your Blog speed can move well.

4. Clear Cookies and Enable Cache 

To do this all you need do is to go to your browser settings and clear the history of your browser. This is important simply because when some visits a site, the page’s elements that you visit are stored on your hard drive in the form of a cache or temporary storage.

That means that HTML document, JavaScript files, stylesheets and images are downloaded before a page can be used. So, the next time they visit the site, your browser will load the page without sending another HTTP request to the server. Besides this usually save ones time.

We the BazeNewz team believe that this update on How to Boost Website Speed has been able to inform you on the way forward. Do well to make good use of the comment box for any relevant questions that seems to be boredering you.

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