How to Create Blog and Generate Revenue Faster l Earning Tips

It is very much important to note that Blogging is one that most persons find interesting with the way you write and the kind of post you write for your readers consumption. It is very important to note that while starting up a blog one need to adhere strictly to some rules and regulations in order to get traffic (visitors). Meanwhile, there are Ways to Create Blog and Generate Revenue Faster.

 Therefore, we should also note that blogging takes one who is patient enough in terms of tragic and revenue. Blogging might seems to be a difficult task at first but as times goes on one will definitely smile. Its all about consistency and stability. A blogger ought to ask questions from top bloggers and do a time research that will enable you take the right steps. The steps on How to Create Blog and Generate Revenue will be looked into below. I will advice you do well to try open one today.

How to Create Blog and Generate Revenue as Fast as Possible

How to Create Blog and Generate Revenue

How to Make Money Blogging 
The first time I created my blog it seems as if I would continue but as time goes on I found it interesting to publish though the traffic wasn't seems to be yielding any result, I never give up but was consistent in publishing. Although, I worked as a freelancer and learnt some tips on how to start up a blog and make money with it. You can still do the same right now all you need do is to read carefully and do well to follow the step.

However, my bloggers would not like to teach a person how to go about blog opening without paying some certain amount of money, but I found it so interesting to help some up coming bloggers who will also teach somebody to teach somebody.

Consequently, I won't like a situation that after giving this tips you will find it very difficult and technical. All you need for a start is your PC, monthly subscription  and purchase of a domain name. If you can get this, then you are good to go. Let's now officially dive into the ways to Start up Blog and Make Money Successfully.

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How to Start up a Blog and Make Money As a Beginner

1.  The first thing is to open a blog enabled site to help you create blog. Some blog enabled site may be, simple,, etc. But the one the will be advise to use and convincing is

2. After that you can now click on create a blog. You will be redirected to another place where you need to choose a unique name of your choice that will be available. 
This is usually done by signing up with your email and password.

3. Then click SUBMIT.

Here is the screen shot below.

This is where you will need to create a blog using a suitable available name. 

Screen shot

4. You will now be on your blogger dashboard where you can publish your articles and stories. 

5. The most necessary step to take is to choose a suitable theme of your choice to enable your blog look attractive.

Choose a prefared theme after creating.

Screen shot

6. Once you are done with that you can now go to layout and do some configuration and editing.

Screen shot of Layout

How to Monetize a Blog

1. Been a reseacher, an SEO expert, AdSense publisher and a blogger i can tell you that there are many ways to make money on your blog, it could be through selling of different product on blog making use of Plugins. The most simplest and popular is through Google AdSense.

2. It should be noted that this can only be obtainable after you must have published many content from about 30 and above and also the blog must have stayed up to 6 months as the case may be. But expect with good quality content can get Google Adsence with a month or there after. It all about consistency.

3. Once you have stayed for Six months its now time to apply for an AdSense by going to your left navigation on your dashboard, then click earning. Here, you will need to apply for AdSense by entering your details. Do well to follow the instructions in the page believe me you are good to go.

4. The next thing is to sign up by entering your country and choose to receive maessagea from google  by checking the box (clicking).

5. Once you are done with that the final thing to do is to also accept the terms and conditions by also checking the box (clicking).

6. Then click CREATE ACCOUNT. You are good to go.

7. You will now be redirected to your Google AdSense home page where you will need to sset up your ad to be visible on your site.

Screen shot of the estimated earnings 

8. Then go to your left navigation and click on auto ad to set up your ad to be visible on your blog.

Note that you need to go to your settings to center your name and address.

9. Just do well to read the instructions carefully,( I can also tell you that no one taught me blogging but went through a big time research coupled with the freelancer done in time passed) that's by the way any ways.

10. Once you have reached the limit treahed hold which is $100 its now time to receive your pay out which is always at the end of the month. But once you have reached $10 you will need to also verify you payment by entering your address.

Screen shot of where you get paid.

Note: Ensure you make use of Keyword to optimized your published post in order to get traffic.

This update is meant for beginners but those who wants to Learn How to Earn Cash on Blog we believe have got one or two information above.

As you keep in touch with Baze Newz team we will ensure we bring you other related articles on How to Create Blog and Generate Revenue Faster.
We are all here to serve you better any ways just do well to make good use of the comment box below.

After you must have tried the steps above and you find any one technical, simply ask ur questions pertaining to any one, and we will do well to answer speedily. Thanks.

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