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Most times some student upon graduation usually fall victim of not qualified for NYSC Mobilization due to one reason which may include age limit or mistake in Identity. Well, its not everyone that may be ready for NYSC Mobilization. It is therefore pertinent to note that students can now Check if they are Qualified for NYSC.

In the same vein, this will also give the details of your institution and department which you gained admission. This means its Checks NYSC Mobilization and Matriculation Status. Presently, from the year 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and above can go ahead to check If they are Qualified for NYSC when they become a graduate of various institutions. Now to Check NYSC Mobilization Status all you need do is to carefully follow the steps below

How to Check NYSC Mobilization Status and Matriculation List 

NYSC Qualification Status

Before you Check the Matriculation List and NYSC Status it is very much important you read this carefully.

It is very much important you confirm your name from the Matriculation List. Note that only candidate whose names are on this list are recognised as bonafide students from the various accredited institutions.

How to Check Matriculation List 

1. First of all, visit JAMB e Facility Official Website to Check (before you visit scroll down for details).

2. Then, proceed to select the year of UTME e.g 2015 Unified Matriculation Examination

3. The next is to type in your reg no.e.g 55842024AJ

Check Matriculation List

4. Finally, Click "Fetch my Details"

Fetch my details

5. There and then your details will be shown telling you congratulations, you are on the Matriculation list.

NB: Also note that you can also for check Another candidate

NoteBy implication, if your name is not on the list, your application to NYSC Scheme for the one year National Service shall be declined. 

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How to Qualify to be on Matriculation List 
Here are the things that you must have done following the readiness to be qualified for NYSC: 

1. Print your Admission letter online from the e Facility platform

2. Print your Result Slip online from the  e Facility platform

3. Verify the two documents with the Admission Officer in your institution.

This update we believe has given every student who is waiting to graduate from an Institution the procedure to Check NYSC Qualification Status and Matriculation List. 

Peradventure you find it difficult to Check yours please ensure you make good use of the comment box below. On the other hand, if you have been listed in the List also do well to let us know by making use of the comment box below. 

Share this update to your Friends. Congrats!!!

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