20 Things You Must Do Before You Become 30 Years l Things you can't do without

It take mature mind to reason with the right motive as well as mindset. Although, there are different perception of things as well as ones believe. This is when the phases of life comes in. There are many phases of life in which we are in today. It all depend on the person you may look forward for survival. That is the main reason why we need to know the Things You must Do Before You Become 30years old.

Consequently, life is all about having one idea and knowing how to go about making good use of such ideas and using it to make impact in the generation one may find himself. It is therefore pertinent to note that there are very many things which one ought to achieve before he/she becomes 30 years old.

Things You Most Do Before You Become 30 Years

Things You Must Do Before You Become 30

Before we dive into the Things one must do before becoming 30 Years let us look at the different phases of life.

Phases of Life 

1. Christian
2. Islam &
3. Pagan.

The above are the different types of belief one may be find him or herself.

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Here are Things You Can't do Without

1. Loving Someone 

One way or the other there is someone who you may have at heart. Even if it just on a mutual ground. This means you can't do without loving someone in the same profession and business place, it may not necessarily be a romantic relationship. But a platonic one. Even if it is at fore sight or just admire a person because of his or her character. 

In the same vein, you may find the way he or she talk interesting or the way she package herself or s/he is good at what they do. For instance, you attend a particular church simple because you found the way the Pastor carries the members along in terms of entertainment or for one reason or the other. By this you tend to keep going there.

2. Finance 
Money has its always said answers all things which is no doubt true. With money you can get more money to yourself. This is the main reason why one can not do without fund. Economically, there are reasons why we save monwt which may include speculatory motive, on foreseen circumstances and for Transaction. 

Therefore, all this reason will let Us know that one can't do without money. Show me a man who have money and dont know how to manage it and i will show you a man who get means of getting cash and know how to manage it adequately. Hence, you know how to manage finance well. 

3. Dealth 

Death is inevitable no doubt. One will surely go to the great beyound one way or the othee.  Something most take one away one way or the other. 

However, it therefore left for one to make way for generation to come so that you will always be remembered for the right legacy toy have placed. Although, no one is praying to die but we should do thing that will enable one to keep talking about us in time to come.

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Things you must do Before You Become 30 Years 

The following you are the Things You Must Do Before You Become 30 Years;

1. Discover Yourself 

There is a great difference between a wealthy person and a great person. The difference is that a wealthy person is only known in a particular place while a great person is know everywhere.

Its therefore left for one to discover where he or she falls. And try to adjust his or her seat belt. Although, not every one can be great. But can be wealthy.

2.  You Must Plan Yourself

There is actually a saying that any one who fail to plan has actually planed to fail. Before you excel in one field or profession one should have conceived it the the mind before one will be able to come out successful.

3. You Must use Your Gifting to Solve Problems

Some persons have one gift or the other some have the gift of singing, druming, writing while some turn their skills to be a source of income and by this they become an entrepreneur.
You most have the mindset of solving problems and giving solutions to any problem you are good in solving.

4. Get Some Ideas on How to Make Money 

Any one without any form of ideas depending on the gift you have may be seen as a daft person. Sharing of opinion will make everyone get to know that you are good in that field.

However, in the areas of making Money one need to know that kind of business that may be in voke that will at the end of the day fetch a lot of money. Through ideas one can use it to being about what has not existed or it may have existed but it done in a new way. This is what is called innovation as well as creativity.

5. Get to know What Love is all about 

By this one will be equiped by the type of girl or guy he/she want to get married to or go into relationship with. You get to read books talking about love and the movies that may be talking about love.

6. Read Up to 30 Books 

The day one stops reading such a person is dead. No matter the qualification you may have acquired. Not withstanding the business you are into. As a business person you ought to have done a big research and inspired books that will stire up your reading habit.

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Other things You must Do Before You Become 30 Years old are: 

7. Be known for Something
8. Have a pastor and mentor over your life
9. You must learn how to say no
10. Conquer Procrastination
11. Be free to use your mind to do positive things
12. Have a Bank Account
13. Have an investment, (be it storage or farming)
14. Have common sense I.e( be wise)
15. Have a Stable Character
16. Choose Your Friends I.e( friends of like mind)
17. Learn Professional etiquette
18. Define Your Vision In one Sentence
19. Learn How to Drive a Car
20. Finally You must be born again.

Note: This update was inspired by Rev. Ikedinachi Uchenna (Ikuku Jesus)

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