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I will always say a big thanks to technology, just as its been said that we are in a global village. Google which is the number one search engine is aim at enhancing the user’s camera experience. Meanwhile, there are Top 3 Experimental Camera App Launched by Google company. The company uses various technologies for its services. The Top 3 Experimental Camera App through a big time research that improves image receivers and senders styles etc.
In the same vein, The Top 3 Experimental Camera App is also used as Best Selfie Camera App. Just  discover how you can go viral with the Camera for Photos and Videos.

Here are the Top 3 Experimental Camera App by Google

  1. Scrubbies

This is one of the App which is used to Experiment Camera App. The benefit that is derived from making use of this App is that you will need to shoot a new video using the app. After it has being put in place click to the left or right with one finger to scrub your video.

Thereafter, you will need to create the loop you can start capturing the playback using two fingers tips. You can share the created loop from within the app on various platforms. The loop video is also saved on your device. Note that  it is a must that shooting of new video using the app is very compulsory using this App.
To download Experimental Camera App Mobile you can simply go to Google Play Store @

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. 2. Storyboard

Storyboard converts videos into storyboard in the form of comics and humorous pictures. You can make use of Andriod Phone from 5. 0 and above.
The effect can easily be dragged down the comic page a little bit to refresh it and to select the new effect. All i gat to say is thanks to technology that has made things so easy and smooth. In addition, with Storyboard you can go as much as snapping and using the views for many hours that you like. Download Story Board also on Googleplay store.

3. Selfissimo

This App allow you to snap photos to both group and to an Individual. This App is as simple and easy as you think. All about downloading the App and Installing it.  Hence you get to snap with ease.

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