Suggestable ways to End Menance of Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen

Fulani Herdsmen have become a treating group across the country. They have really had clashes with farming communities across the country. In middle belt, it is no longer called a recent happening just as it shouldn't be described as a clash. It is a sustain massacre whereby becoming an attitude that engolfs hatred.

Meanwhile, there are hired mercenaries in the pop of Fulani herdsmen massacred of uncountable persons in serveral villages, burnt down homes, food barns and churches and did other violent act to innocent people. This violence was a repetition of armed Fulani Herdsmen has become a feature of life incidence in the area in the part few years one can easily say that the pattern are predictable.

Moreover, it has become strange in the lives of cattle with those human beings including those of women, children and elders. It also advances collective punishment as a form of inter ethnic engagement.

The herdsmen basically and reportedly admits to boast of razing communities and engaging in massacre of defenceless people including women and children yet they have never been held accountable and their leaders who make those admission are invited to press conference with high ranking police officers and political officers and political leaders where are given platform to justify their massive killings. Afterwards, they are allowed to freely walk away to plot the next massacre.

Most times, when several of them are captured in some communities they are known to be foreigners from neighboring countries who had being captured by the Fulani Herdsmen. The most perthetic thing is that those herdsmen have no regards for Nigerian Security Agencies and Capability. However, they badly admits their wring doings of killings. Also, they regularly allow their cattle feed on farm lands and refuse to compensate the farmers whose crops are eaten up.

On the otherhand, to stop and minimize the country. It should be settled by traditional authorities through mediation, payment of compensation and the institution of prevent of meatures to keep cattle away from farm this will not take other territories for their cattle. What is been done in the country is a forceful territory take over. This should properly be stopped to stand a change to solve it.

Consequently, if our law forbid that a citizen of q country shouldn't own a weapon let's it stand by so doing it will reduce the so called killing of the herdsmen. The manance have to stop unless the government wants farming communities to similarly arm themselves with s9phistocated milliary grade weapons. And this will be disastrous for everyone  in the country.

What is your take on the sugestable ways to End Menace of Fulani Herdsmen.?
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