Major Acronyms Use by Corp Members During NYSC

There are Some Acronyms that are used by Corpers during NYSC are what every one that are ready to serve is father land. In this case, right from the camp to when they go for their different endeavor. It's not all about the corpers knowing these Acronyms, even undergraduate ought to be conversant with these few words that are used to symbolise some work or environmental strive.

It is therefore pertinent to note that during NYSC the orientation is always given to enable corpers get use to the Acronym. But if you have come across them you have no choice but to adhare to the rules giding both the camp and the Work done. Let's now dive into the various Acronyms used by Corp Members.

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Major Acronyms Use by Corpers During NYSC

The following are some words that are used that one may want to know that full meaning as well as how they are used;

1. P P A 

This simply means Place of Primary Assignment. It is often use when various corp members are posted to their work place for different assignments.

 It is the duty of every Corp members to go to their Place of Primary Assignment and ensure that work and learn one or two skills in where they were posted.

2. C D S

This is another acronym that means Community Development Service. This has to do with development of the community through various skill that will benefit all corpers. It could be in form of entertainment, information, enlightenment or edutainment. This is done in order to spur the community to new ideas.

3. P O P

Passing Out Parade is usually done at the end of all activities during service to Father land. It shows that the Corp members are ending there services in their various location after 1 a year.

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These are the major acronyms during NYSC and service to Father land. Share your thought and contributions by using the comments box below. Thanks for your time.

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