Top 10 Best Reviewed iPhone Apps Available For Free

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It won't be bad if everyone gets enlightened with the latest development in technology updates. What are we saying, we have some Top 10 Best Reviewed IPhone Apps Available For Free and these Apps are also Paid Apps for everyone to make good use of.

Moreover, these Top 10 Best Reviewed IPhone Apps Available For Free with burst your brain to the next level of digital life.

Top 10 Best Reviewed iPhone Apps Available For Free 

Here are the best paid IPhone Apps Available for free:

1. Meditation Studio

Meditation  Studio App has mediation tools which helps you to solve various needs of yours. The most important benefit that can be derived from the app is that It has tailor-made mediation modules for kids, mothers, teenagers and adults. 

It has featured in a number of reputed entries. It among the listed the app among the Best Apps of 2018. You could get this app in Google Play store.

2. Time Manager

Time Manager app has a great functionality  with nice graphics and designs attached to it. Every student as well as professionals needs to have this app because it is a great tool.
It enables you effectively manage ones time. This app allows one to easily track all the activities that is been carried out such as creating new tasks, view them and even edit them whenever you like to.
In all it shows you the overview of all the tasks in the form of graphs and reports card.
Therefore, one can download Time Manager app on devices with iOS 8 and android device. Download from Google Play store.

3.Blue App

This app shows you the weather forecast for 7 days in gradients of different colors. It uses gradients of seven colors including Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, and Pink for the temperature spectrum.
You can be able to view the weather forecast wherever you fine your self. Just specify the color that will be of interest to you.

4. Pizza Compass

This app will show you all the nearby pizza joints and their distance from your current location. The app also shows you the restaurant ratings, hours, and customer reviews.
The original price is $0.99 and as you already know it is free at this time. It works on all Apple devices with iOS 9 or later version.

5. Speed PRO+

The app uses GPS technology to count your steps, ascends and descends on the stair and tracks the vehicle movement. If you are out for a healthy walk and wish to monitor how far did you really go and how many steps you took, install Speed PRO+ today.

6. Like So

 This is a great app that is aimed at improving your verbal habits. It will correct your pace, help you with fillers, better the sentence construction. It has a number of built-in games and tools to improve your overall verbal skills.

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7. UFO on Tape

This is a unique game that lets you chase or run away from the aliens. The game takes less than 50 MB on your device and is free for now (costs $0.99 without normally). You will need iOS 8.0 or later version. You will definitely have much fun playing this game.

8. Pic instant collage Live 360
Collage art is a great way to showcase your skills and express your feelings. While there are a few collage tools out there, not all can do the job as good as Pic Instant Collage Live 360.

Note that the above Top 10 Best Paid IPhone App are available for free in any recent developer.

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