World Aids Day | Importance of World Aids Day

World Aids day was founded in the year 1988, ever since then it has been taking place on every 1st of December every year. This actually give an avenue for people globally to show support and solidarity in the fight against HIV and to commemorate those who have died from the virus. 

  Importance of World Aids Day



As we speak, over 100.000 people are living with HIV in UK and 36.7 milllion people around the globe. This is one of the most destructive pandemic in history.
Scientifically, advances have been made in HIV treatment there are also laws guiding the protection of those living with HIV infections. 

However, most people show solidarity and support by wearing HIV awareness red ribbon on the day. Meanwhile, it is important because it reminds the general public and the government that those who are affected with the virus should be helped to improve on education and prejudice.

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