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Peradventure you are called up in school or while you are been interviewed and asked what life is what can you be able to say? The thing is that some persons might not be able to give any quote about life not to talk about the Meaning of Life. The driving force of man is actually the life and breathe which we have.
Moreover, life is what have breathe and can be taken care of. As we all know that without life no one is any where to be found beside once one is no more such person will be buried 6feet under the ground.Hoeever, we are going to do this together as we proceed on what is the Meaning of Life. Note some Quote About Life Will amaze you.

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Different Quotes About Life 

What is Life all about?

The following are the meaning of Life
  1. Life is a vapour 
  2. Life is a gift to please the giver
  3. Life is a seed whatever you sow you will reap; There are some principles that is attached to seed sowing they include;

Principles of Seed Sowing

  • You reap later than you sow
  • You reap more bountifully than you sow 
  • Where and how you sow matters a lot 
      4.  Life is a stage, everyone is an actor who act on the stage
      5.  Life is an egg, it should be handled with utmost care
      6.  Life is a journey,everyone want to get to his/her destination
      7.  Life is a race ,the fools depend on their leg while the wise depend on their kneels
      8.  Life is a game, you have to paly to win
      9.  Life is a teacher, the more you live the more we learn
     10. Life is a treasure ,where ever you store your treasure is where it will be

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Quotes  About Life 

  1. Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react
  2. The greatest friendship is the friendship you have in JESUS
  3. The two greatest things in life is the day you are born and the day you know why you are saved
  4. Life is like riding bicycle, you must keep moving 
  5. In the journey of life falling down is compulsory but getting up is optional 
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