Nigerian Markets and Products That Make Each Popular

Nigerians are dependent on markets for every householdneeds, and these are where sellers and buyers meet on daily basis to meet one another’s needs. Nigerian Markets and Products are here for you.
 Meanwhile are some market place which is well known for different kind of product for services. Read through to note the product that are used for different market below.

List of Nigerian Markets and Products That Make Each Popular

Nigerian Markets and Products

1. Computer village, Lagos

 This market can be compared to the Alaba International Market when it comes to computer and electronics products in the country. The Computer Village in Lagos is the largest computer and electronics market in the southwest of Nigeria. You can find almost any type of computer products and accessories, electronics, DVDs/blue-ray discs, mobile phones, iPads, laptops, and PCs of all brands at the Computer Village.

2.  Onitsha market, Anambra State

 This market was very popular in the 1950s due to literature publications, and this evolved to what is known as the Onitsha Market Literature where fledging writers wrote extensively to promote knowledge through books, pamphlets, and novels. Onitsha market in Anambra State is not a market for the Igbo-speaking peoples of Nigeria alone, it is an international market frequented by all Nigerians and Africans in general.

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3.  Bodija food market, Ibadan

 Bodija market is in lined stalls, and sections of stalls are dedicated to particular food items; there are stalls for beans, stalls for garri, stalls for yam sellers, stalls for cow sellers, and so on. here are several markets in Ibadan, but Bodija market is most reputable when it comes to fresh and dried food products. Hundreds of trucks and trailers from northern Nigeria converge in Bodija market every week to offload all things

4.  Idumota market, Lagos

 Idumota is a very popular and busy market in Lagos where you can buy almost anything. But hold on, Idumota has now evolved to become the hub for distributing Nollywood movies and the home of entertainment marketing in Nigeria.

5.  Oil Mill market, Port-Harcourt

 The Oil Mill market in Port-Harcourt is also locally known as the Wednesday market because it was originally founded to open only on Wednesdays, but today the growth of people in Rivers State and the need to meet all their requirements have made surrounding markets to merge into this main market, forming a large central market that now opens every day.

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